Ze Ze Core


Duration: 10 min.

Group Size: Medium - Large

The lyrics: Ze Ze Co- Re, Ze Ze Co- Re, Ze Co Re Za, Ze Co Re Za, Asi si si si Manga, Asi si si si Manga, Manga, Manga. There is a movement associated with each word and the group will follow the facilitator repeating the song and movements. Standing in a circle, line or semi circle, the facilitator will start with the song. For Ze Ze you stamp your hangs on your thighs twice, then you tap your shoulders/chest for Co and raise your arms to the sky for Re (the group follows), you repeat this movements but the second time using Ze, Co, Re, Za. For the first Asi si si si Manga you step your right leg to the side while moving your arms in a pulling motion, then to the left for the second and repeat the motion on each side for the last two Mangas. 


You can start with a first round in normal volume, have a second one in a very low voice and finalise with an extra loud tone. 

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